Rhipsalis Boliviana

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Long flat stems can grow over a meter in length and so it’s the perfect trailing plant.

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Common names: Lepismium Bolivianum & Cacti Jungle.

This plant is a part of the Cactaceae family but caring for this plant is slightly different from other cactus, Likes bright indirect light but can tolerate few hours of early morning direct sunlight. Water it when the top half of the soil is dry but don’t let it sit in water. Under ideal conditions, it will bloom small pink & white flowers on the stems during spring & summer.

Plant height: 35+CM

Pot diameter: 14CM

*Plastic hanging pot is included.

Care Tips for Rhipsalis →

Plants might have slight variations in color, texture, finish, and size. You can expect there will be some differences from what is displayed on our website because you are choosing a one-of-a-kind piece from our mother nature.


Dimensions14 × 35 cm
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