shop online garden plant store in amman jordan
shop online garden plant store in amman jordan
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New Plants

Low-Light Plants

You can still grow beautiful plants that tolerate low light conditions!
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flowers plants in amman jordan

A flowering tropical plant is an easy solution for creating a focal point in your home.


Must-have essentials for any indoor plant collection.

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succulents plants in jordan

Succulents are perfect for beginners since they are low maintenance plants.

buy cactus in amman jordan

Cactus plants are durable plants that can withstand difficult conditions.

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Choose the perfect pot for your plant.

gardening supplies in amman jordan

Collection of houseplant care products that we carefully test before we offer them to you.

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small size indoor plants
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Healthy plants delivered

Healthy Plants

Hand-picked plants for you

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Delivered To Your Door

Safely packaged to your home

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Care Guidance

Tips to keep your plant healthy

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